Wednesday, January 30, 2008

worth my time...

I'll post short recommendations like this when I find something that I think is worth my time and may be worth yours.....

Todays will be a couple of podcasts...(I've got lots to recommend so I could fill a lot of these type posts...)

For a fond look back that is not at least for me a raping my childhood give a listen to Wil Wheaton at
His look back on his childhood and his time on Next Generation really mad me feel bad for not liking him on the show, sorry Wil I was one of those people and regret it now. We had a childhood love of all things Star Wars in common and the stories he told really did my heart good. Thanks Wil if you read this...

Any pen and paper Role Playing Gamers out here should give an ear to a buddy of mine from work on his podcast...Stabbing Contest at
Ogre talks to gamers about their lives, the games they play and what brought them to gaming. The show make me feel like I'm hanging out with my buddies bsing about games and shit...Its a good time and will do the gamer in you good.

And one for just general good stories that really get me emotionally (I don't know why they just do):
That is the RSS feed - the show can be found on I tunes too and like to two above Stuart Mclean is ....worth your time

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