Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Post Destruction thoughts

Another Post about 7th son.

JC in the episode chit chat (you get that through his feed and not on the podiobooks one) mentioned how hard it was for him to get through the last book of the series and now that its done for me I can see why. The amount that I felt for the characters that did not make it and for the ones left behind is a testement to howwell he jas written the tale and the strength of the characters. I listen at work and it was tough, really tough to get through the last several episodes withoout tears streaming down my face; that is actually a good feeling sometimes.

In hutchins tradition I raise my immaginary glass of my beverage of choice to the living and the lost in the world of 7th son.

Those of you yet to listen do so....you may thank me.


JC I will miss your comforting voice and getting cliffhangered by you - look forward to the code Phantom project (whatever that is) ..... its back to the house of hate that is siglerism for me I guess.......don't worry scott I still compl...umm I'm still a junkie at heart

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J.C. Hutchins said...

Greg, thanks again for the kindness! Thankfully, you can get more 7th Son goodness on May 31. That's when my new anthology, "OBSIDIAN," is released at my website!